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The KSUA is the master unit in a network-based system consisting of one or more KSUB units. Ventilation systems, alarms, etc. are connected to the KSUA The KSUA has a MODBUS input, which is an open standard allowing units of different manufacturers to communicate

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Adresslist for KSUA-KSUB in Excelformat
Adresslist for KSUA-KSUE in Excelformat


The KSUB is available as a standalone unit, when it can handle up to four dampers in two groups. The unit can cover two fire zones and damper exercises can be carried out in sequence. There is an output for locking the ventilation system. The damper exercise timer is preset to 48 hours. In night mode, the KSUB is controlled from the KSUA but can also support a local fan controlled by an external timer.
KSUB is available in a light version. This version is without the analog detector circuits.

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The KSUC is designed to work with the KSUA in a network. The KSUC receives alarm signals from smoke detectors in external fire alarm systems. These fire zones can then be defined in the KSUA to close dampers, etc. 16 fire zones can be handled in the KSUC.

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KSUE is a control and monitoring unit for controlling various types of fire / smoke dampers. KSUE can be connected via a network to KSUA but can also be used completely standalone. 8 damper inputs and four detector groups exist. These can then be grouped into one or four fire zones. Each gate input and detector block are individually manageable. To KSUE can be connected air handling units for interlocking. KSUE also has input for external alarm and night operation.

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The KSUR is a control and monitoring unit designed to control regulating fire/smoke dampers in a flexible way. The KSUR can be connected to the KSUA, or as a completely stand-alone unit. The damper test run is preset to 48 hours. In network mode, the test is controlled from the KSUA. There are two damper groups and two smoke detector groups. The KSUR has an input for an external fire alarm and for night mode. KSUR light is a version designed for dampers only.

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The SUSA supports many different operating modes with fire/smoke dampers, pressure relief dampers, smoke evacuation fans, etc. Compatible with expansion units SUSB-E and SUSB-E8. With a network, expansion units KSUB and KSUE can also be used. The KSUB and the KSUE log all events with time stamps. Maximum of 2 fire zones. Real time clock with split programming, able to control damper exercises and smoke extraction fan tests separately. Modbus RTU for monitoring.

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Junction box making it easy to connect actuators to the 4-wire cable running to the control and monitoring unit. KBOX also contains a pressure switch for a local damper test. An input is provided for a heat detector. Terminals for the parallel connection of multiple dampers are provided as standard.



KSUG is a control and monitoring unit designed to control various types of fire/smoke dampers and fans in a flexible way. The KSUG can be switched for three actuator types. RF technologies MANF VD24, VM24 and Belimo BSIA24 with BR24-F-ST.

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KSUF is a control and monitoring unit designed to control various types of fire/smoke dampers that are fitted with actuators from Rf-technologies. The KSUF can be connected to the KSUA, or used as a completely stand-alone unit. There are eight damper inputs and four smoke detector groups.

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