Electronic products for control and regulation


We design control units for industrial processes of all kinds. Although we mainly concentrate on fire and smoke dampers, we are highly flexible and can find solutions to most problems in other fields. Take our product to control hose filters for example. Our design activities are always focused on simplicity – ordinary electricians must be able to install our products, and anyone must be able to use them.


One of our main strengths is our ability to manufacture products in small production runs. We outsource some of our manufacturing to other partners – for example BEPE Elektronik AB handles most of the electronics. We work with electronics and microprocessors rather than traditional relay cabinets.

Final test

The final test is a crucial part of the process of designing and manufacturing electronic products. In the field of fire safety especially, the authorities set very high standards and it is obviously vital that the products are reliable. We always carry out the final test ourselves, so we can be certain that our products are up to scratch. All the functions of control and monitoring units for fire and smoke dampers are tested over a period of 48 hours.